Company Name Change from Intelligence Softec to Nectron Technology

Announcement for Existing Customers Only

This to announce, Coupling Intelligence (Intelligence Softec) is renamed to Nectron Technology.

 The services provided to the existing customers will remain same and no extra paperwork is required. The existing agreement now will now be between the Customer & Nectron Technology.
 The developer credits on the customer website & application will be updated to Nectron Technology from 12th May 2018
 Future services will be provided to the customers regularly.

All the future payments related to services, recurring payments or other types of payments will be in the name of Nectron Technology.

The new website will be now, also the existing domain name will be re-directed to from 1st June 2018

     Contact Details
The email id is now changing to, however existing email and will be working till 31st July 2018.

Note: The above notice is applicable to the existing customers who are opting services. However, If in any case, the customer who has not updated domain, hosting, etc can also take the services after paying the renewals. Any disputes to date before 1 January 2017 will not be entertained.

For any query please feel free to contact us.


Shamsher Rawal

+91 9377112500